Friday, 2 November 2012


I've learnt that greatest happiness in life is in giving happiness to those around you, particularly your loved ones. I've also learnt that nothing is more satisfying than doing something you are passionate about, successfully. Anyone who knows me very well, knows that my biggest passions lie with my family, my cats, cooking, music, photography, traveling and writing. These passions of mine are my window to getting closer to God; the roots to my branches; the strings to my guitar. Time, of course, brings in constraints in being able to satisfy these passions, but when times does permit, it is heavenly. Such satisfaction isn't meant to be described in words, but in action.

I've wanted to create a blog for a really long time, because I follow about 50 blogs religiously, and I've always seen so much of myself in each blogger. It's about time I did something, I thought.

I'm simply here to share my passions with the world, as so many bloggers have to date. Come join me in my kitchen, my photo booth, my travelogue, my recording studio, my writing desk and my mind. I can't promise you anything mindblowing, but I can promise you a world of absolute passion and sincere authenticity.

Thank you for visiting.