Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Chocolate Burfi

"Sri Om Lakshmi, engal Lakshmi,
Unnai ninaithu deepam yetrugirom.
Unnai vendi, geetham paadi,
Devi, unn idam varigirom.
Annam tharuga, gnaanam tharuga,
Devi nee eppozhuthum sandosham tharuga.
Velichathai kaati, annathai ooti,
Engal veetil, engal manadhil nee irukka."

Wishing everyone a wonderful, prosperous and yummy-food-filled Diwali!

I love these festivals. Not only is it a time for family to get together and rejoice the triumph of good over evil, we also get to eat sinfully delicious food - no excuses! Our Diwali has been filled with amazing delicacies prepared by my mother, including Dry Jamun, Ribbon Pakoda, Thattai/Nipattu, Badam Burfi/cake and the very, very special Deepavali marundhu (medicine) that we traditionally eat after all the festivities to reduce the uptake of the bad stuff associated with such sinful food. It almost makes it okay to eat whatever you want!

I once made milk peda and it came out really well, so I thought - why not do the same thing, but add a little chocolate to it? Simple enough. Yummy, no doubt.


I'm obviously never going to be able to make chocolate as good as Lindt or Ferrero, but this will do for the interim.

This recipe makes about 30 burfi pieces, ample for you to devour whilst leaving a few for your loved ones :P 

It's a quick recipe, and doesn't require too much work, but it's absolutely imperative to watch this through every second of preparation to make sure it doesn't go wrong.


1.5 cups sugar (I used fine white sugar)
10 tablespoons of water
1 cup of pure cocoa powder
2 cups of milk powder (I used skim)
1 teaspoon of vanilla/almond/rose essence (whatever you prefer; almond works best)
2 teaspoons of ghee


1. Put the sugar and the water in a non-stick pan. Cook it on a medium flame, until it reaches one-string consistency. One-string consistency takes about 8 - 10 minutes to reach, and is a stage where if you touched the sugar syrup, it would stretch out like glue. The important thing is to not allow it to go too far, because then it will go to two-string consistency and your burfi will come out hard. How do I know this? Been there. Done that.

2. As soon as your sugar syrup reaches the stage of one-string consistency, IMMEDIATELY add the milk powder, essence, cocoa powder and ghee.

3. Mix very well, and turn off the flame just after 30 seconds. If you leave it on the flame too long, your burfi will turn out hard.

4. Once you've turned off the stove, mix the blend well, and put it onto a plate, spread it out with a spatula and cut it into pieces. Allow to cool before serving.

Enjoy this easy and quick chocolate burfi with your loved ones this Diwali :)